Jennifer Joseph, LMSW

Licensed Masters Social Worker

Ms. Jennifer Joseph is a licensed social worker in New York State. She attended the New York University Silver School of Social Work for her graduate studies and earned her Master’s of Social Work Degree. Ms. Joseph completed her clinical internship at a non-profit organization which emphasized the intersection between legal and mental health implications for clients’ lives.

Ms. Joseph has worked in a variety of clinical settings and with diverse populations. She specializes in treating patients struggling with relationship difficulties, anxiety, stress and trauma. It can be hard to know where to turn for help when overwhelming experiences leave their mark on your emotional health. Distress, frustration, memories and fears can take over; damaging our relationships in life and self-esteem. Whether you are facing or have experienced loss, anxiety, trauma, or stress, frustrated about a new job, struggling with a difficult family member or friend, even if you are unsure how to manage all of the demands of parenting, Ms. Joseph can assist you in improving your mental health and guide you towards newfound confidence and joy.

Ms. Joseph has worked with individuals, couples, families and teens. She has a special affinity for helping clients move from distress and hopelessness to stability and hopefulness. She understands the impact of systemic and community challenges and will help you navigate your life in those spaces.

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