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Caring & Compassionate Psychologists and Psychotherapists

SR Psychological Services is a group of caring and compassionate psychologists and psychotherapists located in midtown Manhattan. We have experience working in various clinical settings, with different patient populations and treating a wide range of psychological conditions

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“To improve the mental
health & overall well-being
of all practice patients
through caring, healing, &


Help promote healing and lasting emotional, cognitive and behavioral change

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Treating a wide range of psychological conditions


Are you experiencing excessive worry, racing thoughts, irrational fears, sleep disturbance, increased heart rate, irritability, unusual sweating, fatigue or difficulty concentrating? You may be suffering from Anxiety. We can help.


Are you experiencing intense sadness, isolation, sleep disturbance, increased or decreased appetite, unexpected weight changes, low energy, pessimistic thinking, hopelessness, loss of interest, restlessness or agitation? Depression could be the cause. We can help.

and PTSD

Are you experiencing recurrent, unwanted and distressing thoughts of a traumatic life event? Do you have severe emotional distress, physical reactions, upsetting dreams, nightmares or flashbacks of the experience? Perhaps you are not aware of how much a life event has impacted you. Perhaps you've disconnected as a way of protecting yourself. Perhaps the event happened to someone close to you. Post traumatic stress could help explain.


Are you at an impass with a romantic partner, in a power struggle with a colleague at work, having difficulty communicating your thoughts to your roommate, frustrated with family members, finding yourself involved in negative interactions with others more often than you think is acceptable? Emotional distress, personality differences and interpersonal clashes could lead to relationship challenges or conflicts. This could interfere with building and maintaining healthy connections with others. We can help.

Grief and

Does coping with a significant loss seem impossible? Are you experiencing deep emotional pain and physical ailments that interfere with your ability to fulfill your usual responsibilities, does self-care seem more difficult to manage, do you become angry, easily frustrated or feel guilt or shame related to the loss? Perhaps you avoid the loss completely or are using coping strategies that are unhealthy or even destructive to your well-being. We can help you in the healing process.


Are you feeling stuck, desperately seeking change, unsure of which path to take or what that change should look like? Maybe a new group of friends, new apartment or new neighborhood to live in. Perhaps a new job or returning to school is the answer. It may be that the transition was not initiated by you. Transitions can upset the balance of life and cause one to feel unstable. We can help you feel confident and secure as you move forward with changes in your life.

Work and
Career Issues

Work and career has different meanings for each individual. A sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment may drive decisions around work and career. Financial considerations might also be important. We can help you navigate the connections between personality traits, personal and professional goals and how they impact career and work related decisions.


Living and working in New York City and the surrounding areas can be both exciting and stressful. You have hopes and dreams and the belief that this is the place to fulfill them or at least get you closer to them. Disappointment and unmet expectations can set in leading to stress and difficulty functioning. We can help you develop healthy and effective ways to cope and manage stress in your life.


Are you experiencing poor control of your anger or negative emotions? Does anger tend to be your default response? Do you recognize that your angry reaction might be incongruent to the circumstances. We can help you develop healthy ways to manage your anger including increasing your use of relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring, environmental shifts and problem solving. We are here to help.


Commitment to Diversity & Justice

We are driven by compassion, ethical responsibility, a deep desire to help,
evidence-based practice, and a commitment to diversity and justice.


Seeks to prevent and treat mental health problems

SR Psychological Services seeks to prevent and treat mental health problems which may interfere with an individual’s overall health and well-being.


Group practice of caring and compassionate psychologists and psychotherapists

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